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LIU JO – Flip Flops

64.00 USD
Stay comfortable and stylish with these essential flip flops, perfect for any beach day. .Item Reference:#VA4184 E0396

LIU JO – Platform Flip Flops

84.00 USD
Add a touch of height and style to your beachwear with these trendy platform flip flops. .Item Reference:#VA4185 E0396

LIU JO – Swim Suit

164.00 USD
Enjoy the water in this fashionable swim suit, designed for both style and comfort. .Item Reference:#VA4180/VA4181

LIU JO – Belted Animal Print Short

Original price was: 219.00 USD.Current price is: 153.30 USD.
Make a bold statement with these belted animal print shorts, perfect for a fashionable, edgy look. .Item Reference:#MA4372 T3844

LIU JO – Flower Halterneck Dress

Original price was: 439.00 USD.Current price is: 307.30 USD.
Turn heads in this elegant flower halterneck dress, perfect for summer events and special occasions. .Item Reference:#CA4435 TS063

LIU JO – Denim Pencil Skirt

Original price was: 204.00 USD.Current price is: 142.80 USD.
Achieve a polished look with this denim pencil skirt, ideal for both professional and casual settings. .Item Reference:#UA4197 D4448

LIU JO – Knitted Ribbed Dress

Original price was: 274.00 USD.Current price is: 219.20 USD.
Stay cozy and stylish with this knitted ribbed Dress, ideal for layering or wearing alone. .Item Reference:#MA4057 MS52N

LIU JO – Printed Satin Jacket

Original price was: 234.00 USD.Current price is: 163.80 USD.
Elevate your outerwear game with this printed satin jacket, offering a luxurious and stylish layer. .Item Reference:#TA4250 T3810

LIU JO – Mesh Long Sleeves Jumper

Original price was: 219.00 USD.Current price is: 153.30 USD.
Elevate your casual wear with this mesh long sleeves jumper, offering both style and comfort. .Item Reference:#TA4109 MS015

LIU JO – Mesh Top

219.00 USD
Add a touch of edginess to your look with this mesh top, perfect for layering or wearing alone for a

LIU JO – Jersey Top With Logo

Original price was: 99.00 USD.Current price is: 79.20 USD.
Showcase your style with this trendy jersey top featuring a chic logo design. .Item Reference:#TA4269 JS003

LIU JO – Trouser

Original price was: 219.00 USD.Current price is: 153.30 USD.
Embrace timeless style with these versatile trousers, perfect for both professional and casual settings. .Item Reference:#TA4183 T3811

LIU JO – Cropped Hoodie

Original price was: 184.00 USD.Current price is: 128.80 USD.
Add a trendy touch to your athleisure look with this cropped hoodie, ideal for pairing with high-waisted bottoms. .Item Reference:#TA4177

LIU JO – Bomber Jacket

Original price was: 269.00 USD.Current price is: 188.30 USD.
Add an edge to your outfit with this trendy bomber jacket, perfect for a contemporary, stylish look. .Item Reference:#TA4062 T3791

LIU JO – Full Zip Sweat Jacket

Original price was: 199.00 USD.Current price is: 159.20 USD.
Stay cozy and stylish with this full zip sweat jacket, perfect for layering during cooler days. .Item Reference:#TA4175 J5942

LIU JO – Beach Tote Bag

Original price was: 139.00 USD.Current price is: 97.30 USD.
Carry all your essentials in this spacious beach tote bag, perfect for a day by the sea. .Item Reference:#VA4200 T0300

LIU JO – One-Piece Swimsuit

139.00 USD
Exude elegance at the beach or pool in this stylish one-piece swimsuit, offering both comfort and style. .Item Reference:#VA4150 J6448

LIU JO – Destroyed-Effect Straight Leg Jeans

Original price was: 304.00 USD.Current price is: 212.80 USD.
Stay effortlessly cool in these destroyed-effect straight leg jeans, perfect for a casual, edgy look. .Item Reference:#UA4187 D4666

LIU JO – Cropped Flared Jeans

Original price was: 189.00 USD.Current price is: 151.20 USD.
Embrace retro vibes with these cropped flared jeans, perfect for a trendy, casual look. .Item Reference:#UA4174 DS800

LIU JO – Loose T-Shirt

Original price was: 134.00 USD.Current price is: 93.80 USD.
Enjoy ultimate comfort with this loose T-shirt, perfect for a relaxed yet stylish look. .Item Reference:#TA4181 J4660

LIU JO – Sweat Shorts

Original price was: 149.00 USD.Current price is: 119.20 USD.
Embrace comfort and style with these versatile sweat shorts, ideal for casual, laid-back days. .Item Reference:#TA4105 MS015

LIU JO – Sleevless Blazer Vest

Original price was: 329.00 USD.Current price is: 230.30 USD.
Achieve a chic layered look with this sleeveless blazer vest, perfect for adding a stylish edge to any outfit. .Item

LIU JO – Slim Jumpsuit

Original price was: 264.00 USD.Current price is: 184.80 USD.
Achieve a sleek and modern look with this slim jumpsuit, perfect for a stylish day-to-night transition. .Item Reference:#MA4290 T7144

LIU JO – Long Viscose Dress

Original price was: 399.00 USD.Current price is: 279.30 USD.
Exude elegance in this long viscose dress, perfect for both casual and formal occasions. .Item Reference:#CA4399 T3815